Saturday, 21 July 2012


A number of months ago, we received an email from a lady on behalf of Crompton House School, Shaw. 

She was looking for a local business to kindly make a "Britain's Got Talent" themed cake to be raffled off to raise money towards Christies Young Cancer Ward.

We make it our mission to make at least ONE cake for charity each year so eagerly accepted the request.  We even told the lady that we would try to replicate the judges table! She was thrilled with our response, so we wrote the order in our diary and did nothing more.

Last week, the time had come to make the cake! We were just about to contact the customer to confirm when she rang us for assurance that we were still able to rise to the challenge!  Of course, we put her mind at ease immediately and informed her that the cake would be ready for collection well in time for the school's charity event.

We spent many hours creating the cake and worked until 11pm.  We even continued with the decorating at 7am the next day...

When we made the table and the judges, we decide to turn Simon's buzzer red - let's face it, it usually is.  However, we had a great idea. What if, Simon hadn't pressed his buzzer...what if, someone else had?

So, we added Simon's best friend... Britain's Got Talent winner 2012, Pudsey! awww

The cake was collected on the Wednesday morning ready for that night's Talent Show and Charity Fundraiser.  We were kindly given free tickets to attend but were that busy baking, we could not break off to take part in all the fun planned! We have heard since that the night was a resounding success.

Well, we were glad to help!

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