Saturday, 22 October 2011

Children's Cupcake Party - Our 1st!


We were delighted and thrilled to host our very FIRST Cupcake Party today in High Crompton.

The Party was for Nicole and her 3 close friends; Courtney, Kate and Maisy "Moo Moo" :0)

The girls receive their undecorated cupcakes

On arrival, Sugar and Ice of Shaw cover the kitchen table with a plastic cupcake tablecloth, cupcake mats and hand out aprons.  We also produce name badges and ensure each girl has their hair tied back for hygiene reasons.  Finally, we dispense alcohol hand gel - then get started!

Firstly, we let the girls carefully buttercream their cupcakes ready to be flat-iced.

We show them how to prepare the sugarpaste icing and each girl takes a turn to roll out and cut the icing.

Next, we teach them to create buttercream swirls on their cakes.

Once the cupcakes have been covered, the real fun starts! The girls choose from an assortment of coloured sugarpaste to create hearts, stars, flowers, butterflies and teddy bears!

A great deal of concentration now, as the girls are left alone to be imaginative.

Finally, we bring out the sprinkles! Glitter, chocolate beans, silver balls, pink and white pearls... The girls are literally spoilt for choice!

Once completed, they put their cakes into a presentation box and smile for the camera.  After which, we present them with a special certificate and give the birthday girl a surprise gift.

We leave happy after clearing away and leaving the kitchen just as we originally found it.

End result? Four very happy young ladies with beautiful cupcakes and an experience that they will remember for many years to come :0)

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